About David

David and Lyn live in Brisbane and love to travel. They have been to some fabulous places and have had some wonderful experiences. Please enjoy their website.

David holds degrees in computing, engineering and management. An Aussie with over 40 years experience in the computer industry across government, military and private enterprise, he currently consults to the Queensland State Government on a part-time basis. David is a keen digital photographer with a flair for getting the most from his cameras and computers. Other interests include karate, genealogy and ukulele.

The traveller

Thanks to his love for cruising the oceans, seas and rivers of the world, David has been able to visit some fabulous and interesting places (future new locations are in red):

The full list of over 100 countries visited: Countries log #1 to #40; Countries log #41 to 80; Countries log #81+. Major cruising holidays over recent years include (full list of all cruises and ships):

Have a look at the above Travel blogs for some of the many stories. A full search capability is available on the top left corner of each blog page.

The presenter

David regularly lectures on cruise ships and presents at photography weekends at Amamoor Lodge. A Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) who is an active member of Goalsetters Toastmasters in Brisbane. With over 40 presentations* to choose from covering:


  • Nature photography weekend (Total: 3 hours + forums + assignments) #
  • Holiday photography – Part 1: Understand your digital camera (45 mins)
  • Holiday photography – Part 2: Become a better photographer (45 mins)
  • Holiday photography – Part 3: Tips and tricks (45 mins)
  • Selecting a new digital camera
  • How a digital camera works


  • Something for nothing – Free software (45 mins)
  • Google – Tips and tricks (45 mins)
  • Google – More than just search (45 mins)
  • Social Networks – the next revolution (45 mins)
  • Is social media the next revolution?
  • Watch your step – security on the Internet (45 mins)
  • Today’s Internet – an introduction to the Internet (45 mins)


  • Around the world in 107 days (45 mins)
  • Orange is the new black (biggest drug bust on a cruise ship)
  • Nine travel tips for your next trip
  • Getting your message home – using the Internet (on-board <ship>) (45 mins)
  • Travel adventures can go wrong
  • Adventure cruising
  • My Panama Hat
  • Life as an escort – that’s a tour escort!
  • So you want to be cruise ship lecturer
    • and others…

General interest

  • Various Port Lectures (45 mins) (SE-Asia and Australia)
  • How to Listen Effectively (3 hours)
  • My Ukulele sings…
  • Something really big! (How big is the universe?)
  • Alien life – could it really exist?
  • Is the ANZAC Spirit Dying?
  • A Karate journey + Karate kata demo
  • With enthusiasm comes passion
  • Early retirement
  • Goals and planning
    • and others…

* These presentations vary in length from 7 to 15 minutes, unless otherwise stated.
# In association with Amamoor Lodge Bed and Breakfast.

The photographer

An avid amateur photographer. Some of my photos are available here.

All random photos in the header are from my 2009 cruise, India to England:

The vexillophile

Vexillology is the scientific study of the history, symbolism and usage of flags, and a person who studies flags is a vexillologist. As David doesn’t study flags, only collects and displays them on this site, this makes him a vexillophile. He collects digital flags which represent the various places he visits, resulting in these blog pages: